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#TheBabyElepant - Unisex Baby Pants Sewing Pattern, One Size Fits 4-9 Mo


If you are a parent that loves the idea of sewing for your baby, but how fast they grow is making it seem like a futile quest, you’re in the right place.

#TheBabyElepant is a unisex, flexible size baby pant – Meaning the same pant fits babies from 4 to 9 months, ±1-2 months depending on the size of your baby. This is thanks to the elasticated sides of the pant, which you can extend twice as your baby grows.

This is a downloadable PDF pattern you can print at home. The sewing guide for the pattern can be found on my blog here.
I also have a post on how to hack this pattern into shorts, bloomers, and dungarees, here.

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